Interface ProviderRegistry<P extends Provider,​S extends ProviderService<P>>

    • Method Detail

      • register

        S register​(P provider)
        Registers the supplied provider with the core.
        provider - provider to be registered
        provider service for injecting information into core
        IllegalArgumentException - if the provider is registered already
      • unregister

        void unregister​(P provider)
        Unregisters the supplied provider. As a result the previously issued provider service will be invalidated and any subsequent invocations of its methods may throw IllegalStateException.

        Unregistering a provider that has not been previously registered results in a no-op.

        provider - provider to be unregistered
      • getProviders

        Set<ProviderId> getProviders()
        Returns a set of currently registered provider identities.
        set of provider identifiers