Class DomainPointToPointIntent

  • @Beta
    public class DomainPointToPointIntent
    extends DomainIntent
    Representation of a point to point intent targeting a domain. It consists into an ingress and an egress filtered connection points and a set of links to represent the path.
    • Constructor Detail

      • DomainPointToPointIntent

        protected DomainPointToPointIntent()
        Constructor for serializer.
    • Method Detail

      • builder

        public static DomainPointToPointIntent.Builder builder()
        Returns a new point to point domain intent builder. The application id, ingress point, egress point and domainId are required fields. If they are not set by calls to the appropriate methods, an exception will be thrown.
        point to point builder
      • resources

        protected static Collection<NetworkResource> resources​(Collection<Link> links)
        Produces a collection of network resources from the given links.
        links - collection of links
        collection of link resources