Class DomainIntent

    • Constructor Detail

      • DomainIntent

        public DomainIntent​(ApplicationId appId,
                            Key key,
                            Collection<NetworkResource> resources,
                            int priority,
                            Set<FilteredConnectPoint> filteredIngressPoints,
                            Set<FilteredConnectPoint> filteredEgressPoints,
                            TrafficTreatment treatment,
                            List<Constraint> constraints)
        appId - application identifier
        key - explicit key to use for intent
        resources - required network resources (optional)
        priority - intent priority
        filteredIngressPoints - filtered ingress points
        filteredEgressPoints - filtered egress points
        treatment - action to be applied at the egress
        constraints - constraints of the intent
        NullPointerException - if filteredIngressPoints or filteredEgressPoints or appId or constraints is null.
        IllegalArgumentException - if filteredIngressPoints or filteredEgressPoints is empty.
      • DomainIntent

        protected DomainIntent()
        Constructor for serializer.
    • Method Detail

      • isInstallable

        public boolean isInstallable()
        Description copied from class: Intent
        Indicates whether or not the intent is installable.
        isInstallable in class Intent
        true if installable
      • filteredIngressPoints

        public Set<FilteredConnectPoint> filteredIngressPoints()
        Returns the filtered connected points on which the ingress traffic should be connected to the egress.
        filtered ingress connect points
      • filteredEgressPoints

        public Set<FilteredConnectPoint> filteredEgressPoints()
        Returns the filtered connected points on which the traffic should egress.
        filtered egress connect points
      • treatment

        public TrafficTreatment treatment()
        Returns the action applied to the traffic at the egress.
        applied action
      • constraints

        public List<Constraint> constraints()
        Returns the set of connectivity constraints.
        list of intent constraints