Class TunnelKey<T>

  • public final class TunnelKey<T>
    extends Object
    Represent for a tunnel key. The tunnel accepts packets with the tunnel key. A positive 24-bit (for Geneve, VXLAN, and LISP), 32-bit (for GRE) or 64-bit (for GRE64) number value is used for example. Open vSwitch allows "flow" as the key to set this value with matching in the flow table.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TunnelKey

        public TunnelKey​(T value)
        Default constructor.
        value - value of the tunnel key
    • Method Detail

      • value

        public T value()
        Returns the value.
        tunnel key value
      • strValue

        public String strValue()
        Returns the value as a string.
        string value
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object