Class CountDownCompleter<T>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - object type

    public final class CountDownCompleter<T>
    extends Object
    A synchronization utility that defers invocation of a consumer callback until a set number of actions tracked by a long counter complete.

    Each completion is recorded by invoking the countDown method. When the total number of completions is equal to the preset counter value, this instance is marked as completed and the callback invoked by supplying the object held by this instance.

    • Constructor Detail

      • CountDownCompleter

        public CountDownCompleter​(T object,
                                  long count,
                                  Consumer<T> onCompleteCallback)
        object - object
        count - total number of times countDown must be invoked for this completer to complete
        onCompleteCallback - callback to invoke when completer is completed
    • Method Detail

      • object

        public T object()
        Returns the object.
      • countDown

        public void countDown()
        Records a single completion.

        If this instance has already completed, this method has no effect

      • isComplete

        public boolean isComplete()
        Returns if this instance has completed.
        true if completed