Class PIMHello

    • Constructor Detail

      • PIMHello

        public PIMHello()
    • Method Detail

      • createDefaultOptions

        public void createDefaultOptions()
        Create a PIM Hello packet with the most common hello options and default values. The values of any options can be easily changed by modifying the value of the option with the desired change.
      • addOption

        public void addOption​(PIMHelloOption opt)
        Add a PIM Hello option to this hello message. Note
        opt - the PIM Hello option we are adding
      • serialize

        public byte[] serialize()
        Sets all payloads parent packet if applicable, then serializes this packet and all payloads.
        a byte[] containing this packet and payloads
      • deserialize

        public IPacket deserialize​(byte[] data,
                                   int offset,
                                   int length)
        XXX: This is deprecated, DO NOT USE, use the deserializer() function instead.
        data - bytes to deserialize
        offset - offset to start deserializing from
        length - length of the data to deserialize
      • deserializer

        public static Deserializer<PIMHello> deserializer()
        Deserialize this hello message.
        a deserialized hello message