Class Dhcp6Duid

    • Constructor Detail

      • Dhcp6Duid

        public Dhcp6Duid()
    • Method Detail

      • getHardwareType

        public short getHardwareType()
      • setHardwareType

        public void setHardwareType​(short hardwareType)
      • getDuidTime

        public int getDuidTime()
      • setDuidTime

        public void setDuidTime​(int duidTime)
      • getLinkLayerAddress

        public byte[] getLinkLayerAddress()
      • setLinkLayerAddress

        public void setLinkLayerAddress​(byte[] linkLayerAddress)
      • getEnterpriseNumber

        public int getEnterpriseNumber()
      • setEnterpriseNumber

        public void setEnterpriseNumber​(int enterpriseNumber)
      • getIdentifier

        public byte[] getIdentifier()
      • setIdentifier

        public void setIdentifier​(byte[] identifier)
      • getUuid

        public byte[] getUuid()
      • setUuid

        public void setUuid​(byte[] uuid)
      • serialize

        public byte[] serialize()
        Description copied from interface: IPacket
        Sets all payloads parent packet if applicable, then serializes this packet and all payloads.
        a byte[] containing this packet and payloads