Class PiTranslatedEntity<T extends PiTranslatable,​E extends PiEntity>

  • @Beta
    public final class PiTranslatedEntity<T extends PiTranslatable,​E extends PiEntity>
    extends Object
    Representation of the result of a PD-to-PI translation associated to a PI entity handle.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PiTranslatedEntity

        public PiTranslatedEntity​(T original,
                                  E translated,
                                  PiHandle handle)
        Creates a new translated entity.
        original - PD entity
        translated - PI entity
        handle - PI entity handle
    • Method Detail

      • entityType

        public final PiEntityType entityType()
        Returns the type of the translated entity.
        type of the translated entity
      • original

        public final T original()
        Returns the original PD entity.
        instance of PI translatable entity
      • translated

        public final E translated()
        Returns the translated PI entity.
        PI entity
      • handle

        public final PiHandle handle()
        Returns the PI entity handle.
        PI entity handle