Class DocumentTreeOptions<O extends DocumentTreeOptions<O,​V>,​V>

    • Constructor Detail

      • DocumentTreeOptions

        public DocumentTreeOptions()
    • Method Detail

      • withPurgeOnUninstall

        public O withPurgeOnUninstall()
        Clears document tree contents when the owning application is uninstalled.
        this builder
      • purgeOnUninstall

        public boolean purgeOnUninstall()
        Return if document tree entries need to be cleared when owning application is uninstalled.
        true if items are to be cleared on uninstall
      • withOrdering

        public O withOrdering​(Ordering ordering)
        Sets the ordering of the tree nodes.

        When AsyncDocumentTree.getChildren(DocumentPath) is called, children will be returned according to the specified sort order.

        ordering - ordering of the tree nodes
        this builder