Interface PiTranslationStore<T extends PiTranslatable,​E extends PiEntity>

    • Method Detail

      • addOrUpdate

        void addOrUpdate​(PiHandle handle,
                         PiTranslatedEntity<T,​E> entity)
        Adds or update a mapping between the given PI entity handle and translated entity.
        handle - PI entity handle
        entity - PI translated entity
      • get

        PiTranslatedEntity<T,​E> get​(PiHandle handle)
        Returns a PI translated entity for the given handle. Returns null if this store does not contain a mapping between the two for the given pipeconf ID.
        handle - PI entity handle
        PI translated entity
      • remove

        void remove​(PiHandle handle)
        Removes a previously added mapping for the given PI entity handle.
        handle - PI entity handle