Class TarjanGraphSearch<V extends Vertex,​E extends Edge<V>>

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    public class TarjanGraphSearch<V extends Vertex,​E extends Edge<V>>
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements GraphSearch<V,​E>
    Tarjan algorithm for searching a graph and producing results describing the graph SCC (strongly-connected components).
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      • TarjanGraphSearch

        public TarjanGraphSearch()
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      • search

        public TarjanGraphSearch.SccResult<V,​E> search​(Graph<V,​E> graph,
                                                             EdgeWeigher<V,​E> weigher)
        Searches the specified graph.

        This implementation produces results augmented with information on SCCs within the graph.

        To prevent traversal of an edge, the EdgeWeigher.weight(E) should return a negative value as an edge weigher.

        Specified by:
        search in interface GraphSearch<V extends Vertex,​E extends Edge<V>>
        graph - graph to be searched
        weigher - optional edge-weigher; if null, DefaultEdgeWeigher will be used (assigns equal weights to all links)
        search results