Class RoutingConfiguration

  • public final class RoutingConfiguration
    extends Object
    Helper class to manage routing configurations.
    • Method Detail

      • register

        public static void register​(NetworkConfigRegistry registry)
        Registers the routing configuration factories.
        registry - network config registry service
      • unregister

        public static void unregister​(NetworkConfigRegistry registry)
        Unregisters the routing configuration factories.

        The factories will only be unregistered from the network config registry if no other routing applications are using them. Any components that call NetworkConfigHelper#registerConfigFactories need to also call this method when they are no longer using the config

        registry - network config registry service
      • getRouterConfigurations

        public static Set<RoutersConfig.Router> getRouterConfigurations​(NetworkConfigService configService,
                                                                        ApplicationId routingAppId)
        Retrieves the router configurations.
        configService - network config service
        routingAppId - routing app ID
        set of router configurations