Class PiCloneSessionEntry

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    PiEntity, PiPreEntry

    public final class PiCloneSessionEntry
    extends Object
    implements PiPreEntry
    Representation of a clone session entry of a protocol-independent packet replication engine (PRE).
    • Method Detail

      • sessionId

        public int sessionId()
        Returns the identifier of this clone session, unique in the scope of a PRE instance.
        clone session ID
      • replicas

        public Set<PiPreReplica> replicas()
        Returns the packet replicas provided by this clone session.
        packet replicas
      • classOfService

        public int classOfService()
        Returns the class of service associated to the replicas produced by this clone session.
        class of service
      • maxPacketLengthBytes

        public int maxPacketLengthBytes()
        Returns the maximum length in bytes of cloned packets. If a larger packet is cloned, then the PRE is expected to truncate clones to the given size. 0 means that no truncation on the clone(s) will be performed.
        maximum length in bytes of clones packets
      • piEntityType

        public PiEntityType piEntityType()
        Description copied from interface: PiEntity
        Returns the type of this entity.
        Specified by:
        piEntityType in interface PiEntity
        entity type
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object