Class OpticalConnectivityIntent

  • @Beta
    public final class OpticalConnectivityIntent
    extends Intent
    An optical layer intent for connectivity between two OCh ports. No traffic selector or traffic treatment are needed. OchSignal and suggestedPath are optional.
    • Constructor Detail

      • OpticalConnectivityIntent

        protected OpticalConnectivityIntent​(ApplicationId appId,
                                            Key key,
                                            ConnectPoint src,
                                            ConnectPoint dst,
                                            OduSignalType signalType,
                                            boolean isBidirectional,
                                            Optional<OchSignal> ochSignal,
                                            Optional<Path> suggestedPath,
                                            int priority,
                                            ResourceGroup resourceGroup)
        Creates an optical connectivity intent between the specified connection points.
        appId - application identification
        key - intent key
        src - the source transponder port
        dst - the destination transponder port
        signalType - signal type
        isBidirectional - indicates if intent is unidirectional
        ochSignal - optional OCh signal
        suggestedPath - optional suggested path
        priority - priority to use for flows from this intent
        resourceGroup - resource group of this intent
      • OpticalConnectivityIntent

        protected OpticalConnectivityIntent()
        Constructor for serializer.
    • Method Detail

      • getSrc

        public ConnectPoint getSrc()
        Returns the source transponder port.
        source transponder port
      • getDst

        public ConnectPoint getDst()
        Returns the destination transponder port.
        source transponder port
      • getSignalType

        public OduSignalType getSignalType()
        Returns the ODU signal type.
        ODU signal type
      • isBidirectional

        public boolean isBidirectional()
        Returns the directionality of the intent.
        true if bidirectional, false if unidirectional
      • ochSignal

        public Optional<OchSignal> ochSignal()
        Returns the OCh signal of the intent.
        the lambda
      • suggestedPath

        public Optional<Path> suggestedPath()
        Returns the suggestedPath of the intent.
        the suggestedPath