Class FlowObjectiveIntent

  • public final class FlowObjectiveIntent
    extends Intent
    Intent expressed as (and backed by) a collection of flow objectives through which the intent is to be accomplished.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FlowObjectiveIntent

        protected FlowObjectiveIntent()
        Constructor for serialization.
      • FlowObjectiveIntent

        public FlowObjectiveIntent​(ApplicationId appId,
                                   Key key,
                                   List<DeviceId> devices,
                                   List<Objective> objectives,
                                   Collection<NetworkResource> resources,
                                   ResourceGroup resourceGroup)
        Creates a flow objective intent with the specified objectives and resources.
        appId - application id
        key - intent key
        devices - list of target devices; in same order as the objectives
        objectives - backing flow objectives
        resources - backing network resources
        resourceGroup - resource goup for this intent
    • Method Detail

      • objectives

        public List<Objective> objectives()
        Returns the collection of backing flow objectives.
        flow objectives
      • devices

        public List<DeviceId> devices()
        Returns the list of devices for the flow objectives.
      • isInstallable

        public boolean isInstallable()
        Description copied from class: Intent
        Indicates whether or not the intent is installable.
        isInstallable in class Intent
        true if installable