Class DefaultMirroringDescription

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      • DefaultMirroringDescription

        public DefaultMirroringDescription​(MirroringName name,
                                           List<String> monitorsrcports,
                                           List<String> monitordstports,
                                           List<VlanId> monitorvlans,
                                           Optional<String> mirrorport,
                                           Optional<VlanId> mirrorvlan,
                                           SparseAnnotations... annotations)
        Creates a mirroring description using the supplied information.
        name - the name of the mirroring
        monitorsrcports - the monitored src ports
        monitordstports - the monitored dst ports
        monitorvlans - the monitored vlans
        mirrorport - the mirror port
        mirrorvlan - the mirror vlan
        annotations - optional key/value annotations