Interface GroupProviderService

    • Method Detail

      • groupOperationFailed

        void groupOperationFailed​(DeviceId deviceId,
                                  GroupOperation operation)
        Notifies core if any failure from data plane during group operations.
        deviceId - the device ID
        operation - offended group operation
      • pushGroupMetrics

        void pushGroupMetrics​(DeviceId deviceId,
                              Collection<Group> groupEntries)
        Pushes the collection of group detected in the data plane along with statistics.
        deviceId - device identifier
        groupEntries - collection of group entries as seen in data plane
      • notifyOfFailovers

        void notifyOfFailovers​(Collection<Group> failoverGroups)
        Notifies store of group failovers.
        failoverGroups - failover groups in which a failover has occurred