Interface UpfProgrammable

  • All Superinterfaces:
    Behaviour, HandlerBehaviour, UpfDevice

    public interface UpfProgrammable
    extends HandlerBehaviour, UpfDevice
    Provides means to update the device forwarding state to implement a 3GPP User Plane Function. An implementation of this API should not write state directly to the device, but instead, always rely on core ONOS subsystems (e.g., FlowRuleService, GroupService, etc).
    • Method Detail

      • init

        boolean init()
        Apps are expected to call this method as the first one when they are ready to install any UPF entity.
        True if initialized, false otherwise.
      • fromThisUpf

        boolean fromThisUpf​(FlowRule flowRule)
        Checks if the given flow rule has been generated by this UPF behaviour.
        flowRule - the flow rule to check
        True if the given flow rule has been created by this UPF behaviour, False otherwise.