Class UiSynthLink

  • public class UiSynthLink
    extends Object
    A synthetic link that encapsulates a UiLink instance and the region to which it belongs.
    • Constructor Detail

      • UiSynthLink

        public UiSynthLink​(RegionId regionId,
                           UiLink link,
                           UiLink original)
        Constructs a synthetic link with the given parameters.
        regionId - the region to which the link belongs
        link - the link instance
        original - the original link (device or edge) from which this was derived
    • Method Detail

      • regionId

        public RegionId regionId()
        Returns the region identifier.
        the region ID
      • link

        public UiLink link()
        Returns the link.
        the link
      • original

        public UiLink original()
        Returns the original link from which this was derived.
        the original link