Class UiClusterMember

  • public class UiClusterMember
    extends UiElement
    Represents an individual member of the cluster (ONOS instance).
    • Constructor Detail

      • UiClusterMember

        public UiClusterMember​(UiTopology topology,
                               ControllerNode cnode)
        Constructs a UI cluster member, with a reference to the parent topology instance and the specified controller node instance.
        topology - parent topology containing this cluster member
        cnode - underlying controller node
    • Method Detail

      • idAsString

        public String idAsString()
        Description copied from class: UiElement
        Returns a string representation of the element identifier.
        Specified by:
        idAsString in class UiElement
        the element unique identifier
      • backingNode

        public ControllerNode backingNode()
        Returns the controller node instance backing this UI cluster member.
        the backing controller node instance
      • id

        public NodeId id()
        Returns the identity of the cluster member.
        member identifier
      • ip

        public IpAddress ip()
        Returns the IP address of the cluster member.
        the IP address