Interface UpgradeService

    • Method Detail

      • getState

        Upgrade getState()
        Returns the current upgrade state.
        the current upgrade state
      • getVersion

        Version getVersion()
        Returns the currently active software version.

        The returned version is representative of the version currently in control of the network. When the upgrade transitions to the Upgrade.Status.UPGRADING state, control over the network is transferred from Upgrade.source() nodes to nodes, and the version returned by this method represents that change.

        the software version
      • isLocalActive

        boolean isLocalActive()
        Returns whether the local node is active.

        The local node will be active if its Version matches the version returned by getVersion().

        indicates whether the local node is active according to its version
      • isLocalUpgraded

        boolean isLocalUpgraded()
        Returns whether the local node is an upgraded node.
        true if the local node's version matches