Class UiTopo2Overlay

  • public class UiTopo2Overlay
    extends Object
    Represents a user interface topology-2 view overlay.

    This base class does little more than provide a logger and an identifier.

    Subclasses will want to override some or all of the base methods to do useful things during the life-cycle of the (topo-2) overlay.

    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      protected org.slf4j.Logger log  
    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      UiTopo2Overlay​(String id)
      Creates a new user interface topology view overlay descriptor with the given identifier.
    • Field Detail

      • log

        protected final org.slf4j.Logger log
    • Constructor Detail

      • UiTopo2Overlay

        public UiTopo2Overlay​(String id)
        Creates a new user interface topology view overlay descriptor with the given identifier.
        id - overlay identifier
    • Method Detail

      • id

        public String id()
        Returns the identifier for this overlay.
        the identifier
      • init

        public void init()
        Callback invoked to initialize this overlay, soon after creation. This default implementation does nothing. Subclasses may choose to override this to set some initial state.
      • activate

        public void activate()
        Callback invoked when this overlay is activated.
      • deactivate

        public void deactivate()
        Callback invoked when this overlay is deactivated.
      • isActive

        public boolean isActive()
        Returns true if this overlay is currently active.
        true if overlay active
      • destroy

        public void destroy()
        Callback invoked to destroy this instance by cleaning up any internal state ready for garbage collection. This default implementation holds no state and does nothing.
      • highlightingCallback

        public void highlightingCallback()
        Callback invoked when the topology highlighting should be updated. It is the implementation's responsibility to update the Model Highlighter state. This implementation does nothing.