Interface PiPipelineInterpreter

    • Method Detail

      • mapCriterionType

        Optional<PiMatchFieldId> mapCriterionType​(Criterion.Type type)
        Returns a PI match field ID that is equivalent to the given criterion type, if present. If not present, it means that the given criterion type is not supported by this interpreter.
        type - criterion type
        optional match field ID
      • mapFlowRuleTableId

        Optional<PiTableId> mapFlowRuleTableId​(int flowRuleTableId)
        Returns a PI table ID equivalent to the given numeric table ID (as in FlowRule.tableId()). If not present, it means that the given integer table ID cannot be mapped to any table of the pipeline model.
        flowRuleTableId - a numeric table ID
        PI table ID
      • mapLogicalPortNumber

        default Optional<Integer> mapLogicalPortNumber​(PortNumber port)
        Maps the given logical port number to the data plane port ID (integer) identifying the same port for this pipeconf, if such mapping is possible.
        port - port number
        optional integer
      • getOriginalDefaultAction

        default Optional<PiAction> getOriginalDefaultAction​(PiTableId tableId)
        If the given table allows for mutable default actions, this method returns an action instance to be used when ONOS tries to remove a different default action previously set.
        tableId - table ID
        optional default action