Interface DeviceInterfaceDescription

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    public interface DeviceInterfaceDescription
    The description of an interface used for legacy devices.
    • Method Detail

      • name

        java.lang.String name()
        Returns the name of the interface.
        name of the interface
      • vlans

        java.util.List<VlanId> vlans()
        Returns the VLAN-IDs configured for the interface. No VLAN-ID should be returned for NORMAL mode, 1 VLAN-ID for access mode and 1 or more VLAN-IDs for trunking mode.
        VLAN-ID(s) configured for the interface.
      • isRateLimited

        boolean isRateLimited()
        Indicates whether a rate limit has been set on the interface.
        indication whether interface is rate limited or not
      • rateLimit

        short rateLimit()
        Returns the rate limit set on the interface bandwidth.
        the rate limit set on the interface bandwidth