Interface GroupDescription

  • All Known Subinterfaces:
    Group, StoredGroupEntry
    All Known Implementing Classes:
    DefaultGroup, DefaultGroupDescription

    public interface GroupDescription
    ONOS representation of group description that is used to create a group. It contains immutable properties of a ONOS group construct such as "type", "DeviceId", "appCookie", "appId" and "buckets"
    • Method Detail

      • deviceId

        DeviceId deviceId()
        Returns device identifier on which this group object is created.
        DeviceId device identifier
      • appId

        ApplicationId appId()
        Returns application identifier that has created this group object.
        ApplicationId application identifier
      • appCookie

        GroupKey appCookie()
        Returns application cookie associated with a group object.
        GroupKey application cookie
      • givenGroupId

        java.lang.Integer givenGroupId()
        Returns groupId passed in by caller.
        Integer group id passed in by caller. May be null if caller passed in null to let groupService determine the group id.
      • buckets

        GroupBuckets buckets()
        Returns group buckets of a group.
        GroupBuckets immutable list of group bucket