Interface NextObjective

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    public interface NextObjective
    extends Objective
    Represents a nexthop which will be translated by a driver into the appropriate group or actions needed to implement the egress function. A next objective is made up of a collection of traffic treatments associated with a type. These types are: - Hashed - Broadcast - Failover - Simple These types will indicate to the driver what the intended behavior is. For example, a broadcast next objective with a collection of output treatments will indicate to a driver that all output actions are expected to be executed simultaneously. The driver is then free to implement this as a group or a simple action list.
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      • next

        java.util.Collection<TrafficTreatment> next()
        in 1.14.2, replaced by nextTreatments()
        The collection of treatments that need to be applied to a set of traffic.
        a collection of traffic treatments
      • nextTreatments

        java.util.Collection<NextTreatment> nextTreatments()
        The collection of next treatments that need to be applied to a set of traffic.
        a collection of next treatments
      • type

        NextObjective.Type type()
        The type of operation that will be applied to the traffic using the collection of treatments.
        a type
      • meta

        TrafficSelector meta()
        Auxiliary optional information provided to the device driver. Typically conveys information about selectors (matches) that are intended to use this Next Objective.
        a selector intended to pass meta information to the device driver. Value may be null if no meta information is provided.