Interface FlowObjectiveStore

    • Method Detail

      • putNextGroup

        void putNextGroup​(java.lang.Integer nextId,
                          NextGroup group)
        Adds a NextGroup to the store, by mapping it to the nextId as key, and replacing any previous mapping.
        nextId - an integer
        group - a next group opaque object
      • getNextGroup

        NextGroup getNextGroup​(java.lang.Integer nextId)
        Fetch a next group from the store.
        nextId - an integer used as key
        a next group, or null if group was not found
      • removeNextGroup

        NextGroup removeNextGroup​(java.lang.Integer nextId)
        Remove a next group mapping from the store.
        nextId - the key to remove from the store.
        the next group which mapped to the nextId and is now removed, or null if no group mapping existed in the store
      • getAllGroups

        java.util.Map<java.lang.Integer,​NextGroup> getAllGroups()
        Fetch all groups from the store and their mapping to nextIds.
        a map that represents the current snapshot of Next-ids to NextGroups
      • allocateNextId

        int allocateNextId()
        Allocates a next objective id. This id is globally unique
        an integer