Interface Path

  • All Superinterfaces:
    Annotated, Link, NetworkResource, Projectable, Provided
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    All Known Implementing Classes:
    DefaultDisjointPath, DefaultPath

    public interface Path
    extends Link
    Representation of a contiguous directed path in a network. Path comprises of a sequence of links, where adjacent links must share the same device, meaning that destination of the source of one link must coincide with the destination of the previous link. Path weight (cost) is an aggregation of the weights of the links the path consists of.
    • Method Detail

      • links

        java.util.List<Link> links()
        Returns sequence of links comprising the path.
        list of links
      • cost

        double cost()
        in Junco (1.9.0), use weight() instead
        Returns the path cost as a unit-less value.
        unit-less path cost
      • weight

        Weight weight()
        Returns the path cost as an weight instance.
        weight path cost