Class TableStatisticsCommand

  • All Implemented Interfaces:, CodecContext

    public class TableStatisticsCommand
    extends AbstractShellCommand
    Lists port statistic of all ports in the system.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TableStatisticsCommand

        public TableStatisticsCommand()
    • Method Detail

      • printTableStats

        protected void printTableStats​(Device d,
                                       java.util.List<TableStatisticsEntry> tableStats)
        Prints flow table statistics.
        d - the device
        tableStats - the set of flow table statistics for that device
      • getSortedTableStats

        protected java.util.SortedMap<Device,​java.util.List<TableStatisticsEntry>> getSortedTableStats​(DeviceService deviceService,
                                                                                                             FlowRuleService flowService)
        Returns the list of table statistics sorted using the device ID URIs and table IDs.
        deviceService - device service
        flowService - flow rule service
        sorted table statistics list