Class FlowsListCommand

  • All Implemented Interfaces:, CodecContext

    public class FlowsListCommand
    extends AbstractShellCommand
    Lists all currently-known flows.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FlowsListCommand

        public FlowsListCommand()
    • Method Detail

      • removeFlowsInteractive

        public void removeFlowsInteractive​(java.lang.Iterable<FlowEntry> flows,
                                           FlowRuleService flowService,
                                           CoreService coreService)
        Removes the flows passed as argument after confirmation is provided for each of them. If no explicit confirmation is provided, the flow is not removed.
        flows - list of flows to remove
        flowService - FlowRuleService object
        coreService - CoreService object
      • getSortedFlows

        protected java.util.SortedMap<Device,​java.util.List<FlowEntry>> getSortedFlows​(DeviceService deviceService,
                                                                                             FlowRuleService service,
                                                                                             CoreService coreService)
        Returns the list of devices sorted using the device ID URIs.
        deviceService - device service
        service - flow rule service
        coreService - core service
        sorted device list
      • printFlows

        protected void printFlows​(Device d,
                                  java.util.List<FlowEntry> flows,
                                  CoreService coreService)
        Prints flows.
        d - the device
        flows - the set of flows for that device
        coreService - core system service