Interface OutboundPacket

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    public interface OutboundPacket
    Represents an outbound data packet that is to be emitted to network via an infrastructure device.
    • Method Detail

      • sendThrough

        DeviceId sendThrough()
        Returns the identity of a device through which this packet should be sent.
        device identity
      • treatment

        TrafficTreatment treatment()
        Returns how the outbound packet should be treated.
        output treatment
      • data

        java.nio.ByteBuffer data()
        Returns immutable view of the raw data to be sent.
        data to emit
      • inPort

        default PortNumber inPort()
        Returns the input port of this packet. Defaults to controller port. This is useful for actions that involve the input port such as ALL or FLOOD.
        the input port to be used for this packet.