Interface Pipeliner

    • Field Detail


        static final java.lang.String ACCUMULATOR_ENABLED
        Accumulator enabled property. Determines whether the accumulator is enabled. The accumulator is assumed to be disabled if this property is undefined. If enabled, the pipeliner will try to accumulate objectives and create batches of flow rules when possible.
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    • Method Detail

      • init

        void init​(DeviceId deviceId,
                  PipelinerContext context)
        Initializes the driver with context required for its operation.
        deviceId - the deviceId
        context - processing context
      • filter

        void filter​(FilteringObjective filterObjective)
        Installs the filtering rules onto the device.
        filterObjective - a filtering objective
      • forward

        void forward​(ForwardingObjective forwardObjective)
        Installs the forwarding rules onto the device.
        forwardObjective - a forwarding objective
      • next

        void next​(NextObjective nextObjective)
        Installs the next hop elements into the device.
        nextObjective - a next objectives
      • getNextMappings

        java.util.List<java.lang.String> getNextMappings​(NextGroup nextGroup)
        Retrieves a mapping of the nextObjective to the groups in the dataplane, and returns it in a form that can be displayed on the CLI. Typically group-ids are returned for groups with multiple buckets, where each list element represents a bucket. For nextObjectives that are converted to flow-actions, an empty list is returned.
        nextGroup - representation of the nextObjective. This representation is stored in the distributed group store
        a list of preformatted strings representing group information, or an empty list if no groups were created